Jenine began her educational career teaching at a high school in Brooklyn nearly fifteen years ago.  It was then that she realized the necessity of interdisciplinary, hands-on learning, so as to help students connect more readily to the content they were studying.  While pursuing her second bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, Jenine became interested in urban gardening through rooftop farming.  After working at several environmental nonprofits, such as Prospect Park Audubon Center and GrowNYC, Jenine was thrilled to eventually land at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  There, she blossomed as a confident and zealous gardener, especially when she became the Children's Garden Coordinator, and was responsible for overseeing and maintaining a 1-acre urban garden offering programming to hundreds of children ages 2-18 every year.  During her time at BBG she helped to create and implement a myriad of botanical and horticultural curricula, all with the goal of inspiring curiosity about the natural world and making garden-based learning more accessible and experiential both within the classroom and outside in the real world.  She now desires to bring her passion for education and nature to her new Catskills community.

She and her family now cultivate a 1/2 acre of land with both perennial and annual food plants.  Their growing practices aim to enrich the earth and mimic nature, and avoid chemical inputs. They amend the soil with compost, minerals, and cover crops, and utilize crop rotation to keep plants healthy.